Gambling is Evolving – You Need To Stream Live Sports To Gain An Edge


Gambling has been around in some way shape or form for as far back as historical records go, but it has been evolving over the past few years – with people gambling on almost anything, from football to the Olympics, and even the outcome of reality TV shows.

All of the old favourites are still as prominent as ever too – with Roulette and Texas Holdem poker being the big favourites, although HORSE and 8-game poker are becoming increasingly popular in the online world, these are simply poker tournaments or ring games whereby the poker variation changes either every x hands (where x is a set amount) or often every orbit of the table in tournaments – that means, every time the button makes a full lap of the table, the game will change.

In recent years people have even been gambling on the outcome of gambling itself, with huge prop bets which far outshadow the prize pool of the actual event.

But it’s not only what we gamble on which has been changing, it is also how we gamble, with online bookmakers being more and more common, and poker/casino sites being bigger than ever, people flock to them in their masses.

No longer do you need to visit your local bookmakers or Casino to get your gambling fix, you can load up your laptop, bet via a smartphone app, or even load up your android box and play poker on your 60” TV set!

We’ve taken a look at some of the craziest bets that have been placed in the past, with big wins to boot!

One gambler bet on the outcome of the recent US Presidential election, placing a whopping £200,000 on a bet that Donald Trump would win – of course, he then did go on to win and the lucky punter walked away with a cool £700,000!

Not everyone who wins big bets big though, one winner over on the William Hill website placed a £1 football accumulator and walked away with an absolutely life changing sum of £181,570.50.

His lucky winning accumulator included ;

  • Tottenham Hotspurs to beat Colchester, and have 3 or more goals in the match
  • Arsenal to beat Burnley with 3+ goals in the match
  • Man City to beat Aston Villa
  • Watford to win against Notts Forest
  • Bournemouth to win against Portsmouth and both teams to bag at least 1 goal
  • Wigan to win against Port Vale
  • Eibar vs Malaga both teams must score a goal, but match to not end in a draw
  • Ath. Bilbao to win against Getafe
  • Real Sociedad to beat Betis
  • Atlanta and Sussuolo to both score
  • Carpi vs Palmero to both score
  • Roma to win with more than 3 goals in the match against Frosinone
  • Schalke to win against Darmstadt
  • Porto to win with at least 3 goals in the match against Estoril
  • Standard to win against Leuven
  • And finally, Genk to win against Kortrijk

As you can see, there was quite a variety of bet types and teams from different countries and leagues, but the lucky guy predicted the outcome of all of them correctly, winning his outrageous 181569/1 accumulator!

How Online Slots & Arcade Games Have Become More Popular With Developments in Technology

Arcade games have been around for many years, but it took a while before they became a staple household feature. Atari was the company that started the gaming console industry which is now massive. The rise of consoles brought gaming into the 21st Century with a boom. The PS2 was massive and things have escalated ever since. Games are everywhere, both online, in the home, on mobile/cell phones and in casinos. Where there’s money to be made the online giants will do whatever is required to take your hard earned pennies.

By the time flash had arrived on Internet browsers in the early noughties, games were starting to crop up everywhere. Internet speeds were still slow, but PCs were more than capable of handling the mediocre flash grpahics. It lead to an explosion in online casinos, poker rooms and slots – as it meant users no longer needed to download software on their PC. Such developments allowed people to play wherever they were – most likely leading to a little lunchtime flutter on the slots at work!

Fast forward ten to fifteen years and the variety and complexity of slots games has developed massively. You can get large interactive games on both your smartphone and tablet now, allowing people to join bingo rooms, poker rooms and slots sites at ease – regardless as to whether they have Wifi or not.

Online slots like those on made it possible to play themed games like marvel superheroes, rainbow riches and wild gambler. Slot sites tempt their players in by offering them a welcome bonus, free spins and regular promotions. This is certainly the case for mobile users too, with the majority of smartphones nowadays capable of playing slots and bingo online.

The rise of the smartphone is thought to be worrying, though. With great power comes great responsibility, and several charities in the Uk have raised concern that carry a phone capable of gambling at a moments notice around with you is never a good thing. Problem gamblers can hide their slot, casino, and sports betting affections even easier now.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Lottery

The lottery has been around since the colonial days. Nowadays you can buy lottery tickets online. The government used this as a way to raise funds without raising taxes. The prize can be money or some type of goods. This would only hinder the organizer if there was not enough tickets sold. There was a 50-50 winning strategy stating the organizer would pay half of the proceeds from the tickets. This would benefit the organizer and the winner.

How to choose lottery numbers.
There are many ways to choose numbers that may win. Systems have been organized to increase the chances for winning by picking certain numbers. Choosing one or more of these systems could increase the odds but, it is not guaranteed.There is no limits on the way to choose numbers for the lottery. Get creative or choose a system that makes you comfortable. The more tickets you purchase the more the chances of winning increase.

1. Choosing numbers that have frequently been chosen.
Looking up the frequency charts for lotto numbers will give you the amount of times each number has been previously chosen. Enabling the viewer a chance to see if the probability is in the winning favor.

2. Delta system.
The Delta system can seem like a lot of work. Research will prove if this system is right for you. It simply states how to choose and add the numbers to get the final lottery numbers for you to choose.

3. Choosing numbers that are important to you.
Birthdays, anniversaries, ages of your children or grandchildren are a great way to personalize your numbers. Checking this numbers with other systems could be beneficial to increasing the odds before choosing.

4. Choosing random numbers.
Take a chance by choosing random numbers. Any number that stands out to your or find a random number system.

How do you spend winnings wisely?
Have you ever wondered, “If I won the lottery I would buy…” Make sure you choose wise ways of spending your new found winnings. Setting up college funds is a great way to invest in a loved ones future. Today’s college is leaving young people in serious debt. This would be a great way to give a child a debt free future of education. Investing winnings in stocks, bonds, etc is another great way to spend your winnings. Wise investing will cause an increase in your cash. Purchasing a new home for you or a loved one is the one of the best investments a person could make. Stop spending money on rent each month. Parents always fear what they will leave their children when they are gone. Ensure your kids will always have a home that is paid for by purchasing with your winnings.

The opportunities are endless once you have won. Many times winners spend money foolishly and are left worse off than before they won. Scandals are easy to get involved in when coming into money. Be sure to steer clear of anything that could turn into one. Staying humble is important. Remember money isn’t everything, happiness is.

The Biggest Casino Winners In History

There are people who play at a casino for fun. There are people who play at a casino just to test the waters and see if they can make it big. And then there are some who actually beat the casino. This article deals with the latter people, who were smart enough to win money through casinos.

Understanding Casinos and How They Work

Remember, winning isn’t as easy as it seems. Casino games are programmed to leave a margin of the money with the casino management. Hence, beating the casinos or breaking the house advantage to one’s favor is nearly impossible. But, the casino history reminds us of the instances of casino breaking such as the following.

William Crockford – the fishmonger: Way back in 1775 William Crockford was born. He was a fishmonger and poorly educated, but he had the unique skill of finding the odds of winning. This ability came in his favor when he first won 1,700 pounds in a game of cribbage from a butcher in a pub called Grapes. This win led him to establish his own club where honesty was at the helm of affairs over the business motives.Back then most gaming houses in London used to cheat customers, but William Crockford established a gentleman’s club. The club became a hotspot destination in London within a short span of time.

Ron Harris – the man who bet against odds of 1 million to 1: This incident is relatively new and it took place in the US in the year 1995. Ron Harris was a computer programmer with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. He won a keno jackpot worth $100,000 in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Bally’s Park Place Casino Resort. It was fraudulently won however by breaking into the random number generator system of the machines at the Bally’s Park.

John Aspinall – the great gambler: John Aspinall better known as Asper did not have any university degree, but that didn’t stop him from earning his fortunes. During the 1950s, gambling was banned in the UK; but gambling at private parties was allowed. The only restriction was that no more than three such parties are organised in the same place at the same time.So, Aspinall used to move around from party to party along with the richest people of the town. Police raided one such private party of Aspinall, but failed to substantiate any wrongdoing. This was instrumental in giving birth to the 1960 Gaming Act in the UK. Aspinall established Clermont Club in Berkeley Square, a town in the west end of London.

Victor Lownes of Playboy Club: Casinos of the city of London owes a lot to this man Victor Lownes, who opened up the Playboy Club in 1966. His personal life was as exciting as his gambling career. He was associated with Playboy precisely for 26 years.

There are plenty of other casino winners who have made it big. The list is not exhaustive, and there are many stalwarts in the casino industry who deserve a mention here. Do you know of anyone else who should have been on this list? Do let us know.

How Online Betting Has Evolved Thanks To Modern Technology


Sports betting has been around as sports has, in some form or another. What is fascinating about the last two decades is that while much is the same, a tremendous amount of things have changed over time.
In today’s world of tech, the internet has revolutionized modern sports betting. It has made betting easier, more accessible, has offered increasingly various betting options, and has expanded betting hours and availability.

Virtual Platforms

Virtual Sports Betting Platforms have expanded the reach of sports books. In the U.S., sports betting is legal only in the states of Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana. With the internet, adults now have the means to avoid in-person betting locations and can circumvent the system. If you do not live in one of the four states where betting is legal, you can still find “safe” online betting sites.
With new rules and regulations in the gambling community, technically no website is “legal,” but there are still “safe” sportsbooks, which means the federal government has no means of enforcing laws, or they do not have any jurisdiction over certain online sportsbooks.
Not only has virtual and mobile platforms expanded sports betting options, but it has also expanded the reach of sportsbooks to another generation.

Smartphones and Tablets

Sports betting has been made infinitely more accessible with Mobile sites and Smartphone Apps. In addition to desktops and laptops, you can now use your tablets, iPads, iPhones, and smartphones to sign up for and bet on sports online.
These virtual platforms expand sports betting beyond the traditional brick and mortar buildings. Mobile betting sites and smartphone applications have made it easier to view sportsbooks, make their bets, and do so at nearly any hour of the day. This makes it more convenient for gamblers, which in turn, attracts more people to betting on sports online.
Maintaining an online sportsbook, as well as individual bets, is much easier for the owners and operators, since it is all computerized and encrypted. This makes paying out to winners quick and easy, as well as putting up the continuous string of bets on ongoing games.


Online betting has allowed for more sports to become involved in betting, and from more country. The internet connects us all, and with an endless range of sports and games to bet on, players can put money down on games in other countries, on sports that were not very accessible before the internet, and offer a great variety in betting options.
From extremely popular betting events such as the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, or the World Cup, to individual season games in football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and everything in between, there are tens of thousands of betting options available at any given time.

MoneyWagering online has also made the changing of money much easier. You no longer need cash at a brick and mortar location or to give your bookie. Online venues now offer a variety of ways you can add money to your account, wager online with cash, and cash out. With a variety of currency and payment options available, betting has become more orderly with easy transactions.


More sports than ever before are available to bet on than any other time in the past. While the fundamentals have not changed over the years, the increasing popularity of virtual and mobile betting platforms have transformed the way people around the world place bets.

Essential Poker Tips That Can Turn You Into A Winner

Unlike other casino games, poker is quite an easy game to learn but that said; it is one of the hardest to master as well. Indeed, just a few tips will go a long way in helping you learn the ropes in poker as a beginner. However, things get a little tricky moving forward as every technique you acquire will just change a few things in as far as your game is concerned. If you really are serious about winning poker games, it would be in your best interest to learn the poker tips below. While these tips won’t turn you into a pro overnight, they will set you on track to becoming a winner in time.

Knowing when to bluff

Contrary to common perception, bluffing isn’t an integral part of poker as you may have been led to think by watching some of those WSOP shows. Yes, the highlight reels may include some timely bluffs and all, but it is worth remembering these shows have been edited. If you are just getting started, you are better off focusing on playing your cards right rather than concentrating on trying to bluff competitors out of hands. With time, you will know when to bluff and when not to. While trying occasional bluffs is encouraged, timely bluffing emanates from practice and patience.

Reading into your opponent’s cards

In poker, it’s not always about what you have at hand, but figuring out the strength of your opponent’s hands as well. Having a big hand can be beneficial at times and may actually give you a significant edge. However, if you think that the opponent has a better hand than you do, it is about time you considered folding. For instance, you may be having a straight which is decent by all standards. However, what if the board has four cards of the same suit and your match pushes all in? Well, that obviously isn’t the perfect time to bluff. In a nutshell, think about your opponent’s cards and the moves made, before making yours.

Avoid playing too much hands

It is a plain simple fact that not all hands can win. The popular notion “any hand can win” is to bluntly put it – misguided – even though it is true some hands are likely to win than others. The most common mistake made by poker novices is not being selective and thorough with their starting hands. The bottom line is that a good starting hand selection serves as the base of winning a game.

Table positioning

Most poker players and more so beginners remain unaware of the fact that a table position actually plays a lead role in poker. You will notice that every pro poker player wants to be the last to act on the hand – on the button in particular. If you come in last, you gain knowledge on the opponents’ hands meaning you get to make an informed decision before it gets to you. Ultimately, having a good table position can go a long way in turning a losing hand into a winner.

Does Any Device Let You Run Casino Apps? Or Just The Latest Flagship Devices?

Every person who uses a Smartphone, an iPhone, a tablet, an iPad or another mobile gadget is all set to download casino apps. The best thing is that you can play your favorite games at home, office, beach, campground, restaurant, school, park or any other place. It sets you absolutely free. A mobile casino is very similar to desktop sites except that you have to use a mobile and not all games are accessible. Access to VIP clubs, bonuses, loyalty points, cash rewards and other things work the same way. Whether you want to play mobile slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, and bingo, they can be found in free playing casino apps. In addition, you have the advantage of using top gambling software that is properly encrypted to safeguard and manage your deposits, payments, and personal details.

Currently, you can use the following mobile casino gaming devices. They are listed as shown below.

Android Powered by Linux, Android, Inc. and Google phones now connect to most mobile casinos. This is a great thing because there were more than five million Android users as of September 2012. Today the number has greatly grown, and this is positive news for mobile casinos that provide android gaming apps. Most casinos are now android-friendly and have plenty of users. Whether you want to play Bingo Bonanza, Blackjack or progressive video slots, you can do it on an Android phone.

IPhone mobile casino – Users of iPhones only needs a casino game app to play all their favorite games. As you already know, iPhone technology features are above reproach. Quick response times can be expected plus the fact that the display is crisp and clear. Mobile games offered for iPhone include the 5-, mostly. Hence, about fifteen pay lines are expected and some free spins with three payouts. If you love your small iPhone screen, download your favorite casino apps from the App Store and start playing Tomb Raider mobile slots, roulette, Bingo bonanza and other games.

Blackberry – This is one of the most renowned and popular Smartphone. Loved for its ability to process instant messages and emails, the Blackberry gadgets are now offering endless casino fun. You can stream different types of gambling games via your Smartphone. Though it is not as popular as iPhone and Android mobile gaming, Blackberry allows direct access to the games. You do not need to download any extra software.  Whether you prefer Blackberry video poker, 3-card poker, 3-reel slots or mobile keno, just get started by looking at the social apps we linked to earlier.

IPad mobile casino games – If you have this tablet and haven’t yet broke the bank, you’re ready to start gambling for real money on any casino site you want. Its multi-touch interface is adorable, of course, and the way it obtains data through wireless and cellular networks is even more amazing. The HD screen quality supports all kinds of games: video poker, scratch games, five-reel slots with free spins, triple payouts and 15 pay lines and a lot more.

How The Times Are Changing : From Late Night Licenses To APK Downloads

In the arena of gambling there have occurred two main shifts. The first is the shift from the traditional land-based casinos to online casinos. And the second is the shift from the online casinos to that on mobile devices. Having the online casino at the tip of your finger is one of the most convenient ways for people to gamble whenever and however they want.

The online casinos have been revolutionized with the advent of this phenomenon on mobile devices. There are some things that mobile online casinos do better when compared to the traditional online casinos. If you believe differently, here are some views that might help to change your mind.

Fact Number 1: The Browsing Speed is Super High

Web online casinos and mobile online casinos have one truly significant difference, their browsing speeds. The mobile online casinos browse at a very fast rate, faster than what normal online casinos can do. This makes them an incredibly attractive alternative for gamers.

Fact Number 2: Apps for Online Casinos are the Rage Right Now

Most of these casinos on mobiles are accessed with the help of their applications. These apps have another supreme advantage, many of these are devoid of any advertisements or annoying pop-ups that easily get on players nerves. Many people prefer online casinos via applications because it gives them the sheer satisfaction of playing at online casinos without advertisements interrupting their play. If you think that’s the case, play these when you’ve got a few spare dimes.

Many people believe that there is a greater story behind these pop-ups than meets the eye. They tend to believe that these pop-ups are all part of the online casinos strategy to distract the players and throw them off their game so that they don’t win extraordinary amounts. Essentially, however, these ads help the casino pay for running the app and provide a residual income for them.

Fact Number 3: Mobiles are Just More Convenient

Sure, online casinos are immensely more convenient than the land-based ones. Mobile casinos are a tad bit more convenient than online casinos because it gives the players a chance to entertain themselves even when they are on the go.

For people who earn a living via online casinos or those that practice strategies at online casinos, the casinos on the go present themselves as an excellent opportunity to win or practice more.

Mobile casinos have brought the traditional game of chance into the new era, the era of mobile devices where everything can be done on a whim by using a mobile medium. It has revolutionized the way these ancient games are played and in turn has reeled in a large number of customers and supporters.

Most of the mobile casino games come from the traditional games. This means that the games are utterly exciting and unique, this is the best way to ensure that people remain thrilled throughout the game.

From Android to iOS to BlackBerry, the world of mobile casinos is a ripe and rich one, it has something to offer everyone who tries their luck in this industry. It is simply one of the best ways to enjoy some spare time if you know how to gamble well.

Microgaming Poker & Casino Network Promotion

Online casinos rise and fall based on their promotions. People know that their odds of actually managing to win at the games themselves are not favorable. Most people don’t care, since they are specifically doing this in order to get themselves excited in the first place. However, plenty of individuals are still wary of spending too much, and they want to win as much as anyone else. They might actually get the opportunity to do so in the case of the casino promotions that are offered by the individual online casinos themselves and by the Microgaming Poker Network and related associations.

The Cash Drop promotion through the Microgaming Poker Network is one of the most popular promotions of its type. People are often excited about the fact that there is a chance that they’re going to win any amount of money, even if it is a small amount of money. This is a promotion that is going to favor far more individual players than many of the other promotions that are offered these days, which tend to favor a select few jackpot winners.


With the Cash Drop promotion, players will be competing with one another and with themselves on the real money cash game tables of the Microgaming Poker Network. Nearly every five minutes or so, a completely randomly selected player is going to manage to win five euros or so. Players are collectively going to manage to win thirty thousand euros, which should give people an idea of how many individual players are going to manage to win, given the very small increments involved. People are going to have the opportunity to finally take home some of their earnings, and they will be able to contribute those earnings towards additional prizes.

The Cash Drop promotion manages to go from the fourth of August to the twenty-first of August, which should give people more than enough time to enter, providing they have an account with an SBO casino like The people who are able to play there consistently enough stand a genuinely good chance of being able to succeed in this promotion. The thrill of doing so or potentially doing so is going to be enough for a lot of people, of course, but they have more of a chance of getting the essential catharsis with the Cash Drop promotion.

People can also compete for five thousand dollars in leader-board prizes. As players start to pick up more and more cash drops, they will finish up more successfully on the leader-board. When the promotion ends, certain people will have ascended up the leader-board more than others, and the person who has made it the furthest is going to be able to win an additional five hundred euros. This is a prize that is already higher than what people are going to get at the welcome bonuses of many online casinos, and it is certainly more than most people are going to be able to win when they are playing on their own. This promotion will bring in lots of new players.

Bingo Basics For New Players

The game of Bingo has been played for over many years.  There are many individuals, young and old, who have enjoyed playing this popular game.  Many of the elderly individuals join bingo clubs and get together in large groups to enjoy this game together.  The old, yet still popular, game has never changed, it is a game that remains constant, and has been a fun family game as well.  It is incredibly easy to play, however,  still brings a bit of excitement during the process.
The very old game of Bingo, is a game of chance.  Each individual player receives a set of numbers, that he has not chosen, in return for a stake.  The people who are playing the game, receive a card that has numbers printed on them.  There is a certain appointed person who calls out the numbers as they pick them randomly, and as they do this, the players mark off the numbers on their Bingo card as they are called out.  The way to win this game is as the player starts to mark off the number that are on his card, he has to achieve getting a complete straight line, a multiple amount of lines, or even a full house which means that the entire card is completely marked off of the numbers.  Once the player receives one of these lines, they are supposed to yell out “Bingo” as soon as they can so that the caller can be stopped before calling out the next number, and the player is able to win the prize that they deserve for winning.  The winning set must contain the last number that was called.  However, if the player does not call out his number in enough time, then he has to invalidate his win.  The caller is the one who determines the speed and the pace of the game of Bingo.  The length of this game is not only determined by the caller, it is also determined by how many players that are playing, the range of these numbers in the selection, and also the proportion of numbers that constitutes a win.
The most popular way that people have known the game to be played is Bingo clubs.  This is where a large group of individuals get together and play the game, however, instead of using a Bingo card, they play the game on a paper-based card.  They usually use markers to dab or mark off the numbers, however, there are many other Bingo clubs or groups who offer the merchandised cash bingo which uses shutters on a fixed plastic board.  Alexis at the owl journal has a guide on how to make money with risk-free matched betting and bingo.
There are also a variety of ways to play the game of bingo, and these include multiple bingo and linked bingo.  Linked bingo is typically played when two separate bingo groups or clubs combine together to play a joint game of bingo. This gives the advantage for the prizes of the game to be greater, since their are more individuals to pool more money into the stakes of the game.  This way when someone hits a bingo during the game, their prize is going to be worth so much more than the game that just one club plays.  Multiple bingo is actually known as the National game, and it is played in clubs and groups all across the entire country.  Therefore, this also means that the more groups and clubs that join in with the multiple bingo, the prizes can be astounding and incredibly beneficial. Here are some ideas for winning money online if you’re looking for something a little more edgy.
There are some bingo games that actually give out prizes to the players who have not been able to dab, or cross out, a single number on their card.  Some clubs also play the game of bingo by simply covering only one of the numbers.  Others decide to play the game allowing only one type of pattern to be formed on your card.  This makes the game of bingo a bit more challenging to participate in, but keeping the attention of the players.  Playing the game with alternative methods is a way to keep the game of bingo interesting and entertaining.  Bingo was invented in the year of 1929, and the modern way to play bingo has now evolved into multiple variations.
In conclusion, there are many people who play this game religiously and find it apart of their life.  Obviously, bingo has become the pastime favorite as well as a favorite in the present time, and it will be appreciated and played in the future.  There may be many types of ways to change up the game of bingo to bring more attention and excitement to the game, however, this game has a simple and basic ending result, and is the reason of why it has come to be a regular in the hobby lifestyle.  Bingo is one of the American traditions that will never end, and it will be continually appreciated in the many years to come.